Magic of Believing, The

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Claude M. Bristol

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Jason McCoy




6h 49m 20s

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Millions of success-oriented people from all over the world have turned to the no-nonsense, time-tested motivational techniques described in The Magic of Believing to achieve all their long and short-term goals: a better job, a happier marriage, or simply a good night's sleep. Now it's your turn to put Claude M. Bristol's special "magic" into your life and into action.Bristol's tough-minded, hard-hitting messages speaks directly to you. You will learn:- How you become what you contemplate- Why hard work alone will not bring success- How to turn your thoughts into achievements- How belief makes things happenHarness the unlimited energies of your subconscious mind. Make yourself more competent in your affairs, more influential in your dealings, and more successful in life.Now it's your turn to put Claude M. Bristol's special "magic" into your life and into action!His tough-minded, hard-hitting message speaks directly to You. It has yielded proven results for forty years and remains as fresh and focused as ever. Learn how to:* Harness the unlimited power of the subconscious mind and make your dreams come true * Protect your thoughts and turn them into achievements * Use "the law of suggestion" to step up your effectiveness in everything you do * Apply the power of your imagination to overcome obstacles * And much more!If you seek to become more assertive in business, more fulfilled at home, more influential in your dealings with others -- you can believe in MAGIC!Published by BN Publishing. Distributed by Big Happy Family LLC.

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Duración: 6h 49m 20s

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