Manipulation and Dark Psychology

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Escrito por

Mike Duster

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Christian Demi




6h 57m 17s

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Occasionally a book comes along that can change your life, and this is one of these books! Everything we do and all our interactions with other people is dictated by psychological factors, and we can often find ourselves the victims of manipulation. What if the tables were turned? What if we knew exactly what was happening all the time?Would your life improve if:• You won every argument you ever had• You knew how to use keywords to direct conversations• You could read people and understand their intentions within seconds of meeting them• You were aware of how the advertising industry uses human emotions to sell products• You had the confidence and self-belief to ask for a raise at work and be assured you would be successful• You could control the minds of others and bend them to your will• You knew the importance of body language and how it impacts other peoples' perceptions• You knew how to spot a toxic person and remove them from your lifeHave you noticed that all the above statements begin with the word "you"? That's because it's all about you! Forget the notion that you need to put others first and keep yourself in the background. Now is the time to shine, rise above the average man, and explore the best version of yourself! Dark Psychology is a powerful science, and it is all here for you to use, arm yourself against negativity, and be the positive, self-confident person so that other people gravitate toward you.Success is not a dirty word: it is, in fact, a pinnacle we can all achieve. Start your journey to success the moment you read the first page and then garner all your new skills and go and get everything you desire!

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Duración: 6h 57m 17s

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