Margaret Thatcher: The Autobiography

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A newly edited, single-volume commemorative edition of The Path to Power and The Downing Street Years; this is Margaret Thatcher in her own words.READ BY MARGARET THATCHER. Combining her memoirs ‘The Path to Power’ and ‘The Downing Street Years’, this definitive account of Margaret Thatcher’s life is published as a one volume commemorative edition for the first time.Margaret Thatcher was the towering figure of late-twentieth-century British politics. Now following her death in 2013, this is the story of her remarkable life, in her own words.Beginning with her upbringing in Grantham, she goes on to describe her entry into Parliament. Rising through the ranks of this man’s world, she led the Conservative Party to victory in 1979, becoming Britain's first woman prime minister.Offering a riveting first-hand account of the critical moments of her premiership – the Falklands War, the miners' strike, the Brighton bomb and her unprecedented three election victories, the book reaches a gripping climax with an hour-by-hour description of her dramatic final days in 10 Downing Street.Margaret Thatcher's frank and compelling autobiography stands as a powerful testament to her influential legacy.Thatcher, the Sunday Times bestselling author, takes us on a journey through the political landscape of the 20th century, exploring the ideologies of conservatism and liberalism. This bestselling book is a crucial read for anyone interested in the history of Europe and the heads of state that shaped it.For fans of Tony Blair (A Journey), Andrew Roberts (The Double Act), Nelson Mandela (Dare Not Linger), Iain Dale (The Prime Ministers), and Ken Clarke (Kind of Blue).

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