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The menopause is a completely natural, normal life event, but a lack of information exists around how best to manage it. Using the latest evidence and her own experience, GP and menopause specialist Dr Louise Newson has created a one-stop guide to give you the facts, bust the myths and help make choices on how to have your best possible menopause. Includes an easy-to-understand guide to signs, symptoms and health implications of the menopause; Advice on holistic treatments and why it's time to rethink Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT); Tips on getting the best out of your medical appointment; Support with your menopause at work and home, plus coping strategies for family and friends.GP and menopause specialist Dr Louise Newson runs her own menopause and wellbeing centre in Stratford-upon-Avon. An experienced medical writer, editor and media commentator, she founded the popular My Menopause Doctor website ( to help women and health professionals access up-to- date, accurate information.

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