Mindfulness - Overcoming the Obstacles

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Rae Roberts

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Rae Roberts




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Mindfulness - Overcoming the Obstacles contains four different 15 minute guided meditation sessions. The easy-to-follow sessions can be used again and again to help you overcome common obstacles such as restlessness and anxiety, a mind that won’t focus, sleepiness and distraction. Everyone who does Meditation encounters difficulties. Everyone struggles in meditation at some time with restlessness and anxiety, a mind that won’t focus leaping from thought to thought or constantly replaying an event or conversation, with sleepiness, becoming bored or distracted. Your experience of difficulty in meditation is not unique. And the obstacles can be different from day to day, meditation to meditation. Mindfulness - Overcoming the Obstacles is suitable for all those wishing to experience the many benefits of mindfulness. The sessions are devised and instructed by Rae Roberts. Rae is an internationally renowned meditation teacher who has practiced, studied and taught various meditation techniques for more than 30 years.

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Duración: 57m 52s

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