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Joshua Ballard

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John William Cantees




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The book is presented attractively in hardcover, slim, and easy to hold. It is written in plain prose, which covers a fair amount of ground without becoming thick. The book is divided into five parts, aligned with the five main values provided by the author. Health, relationships, interests, development, and contribution are included.Through Minimalism, all are common sense: eat well and gently, sleep enough, exercise daily, and don't waste your time on relationships that don't serve you. There's nothing faddish here, nor is there anything most people don't know about, but it can be pretty effective, separated into an overall path to a better life that requires simplification. The final idea of fostering a passion is not easy, but Millburn and Nicodemus get to the heart of it pretty quickly. Notwithstanding the title, there is no enormous amount of information on Minimalism as an ideology, nor are there chapters on how to clean your cupboards, fold your shirts, or reduce your clothing cupboard to a certain number of monotonous items (although there are plenty of items) Mostly the book focuses on the ideas underlying Minimalism: that of concentrating your time, resources, and energy only on the things that matter and letting go of the rest.The book is not prescriptive (though many suggestions are available).Here are few tips to follow:IMPLEMENTING MINIMALISM EVERYDAYHACKS FOR MINIMALISMMINIMALISM CHANGING LIVESGUIDING YOUR FAMILY THROUGH THE JOURNEY OF MINIMALISMTIPS FOR A MINIMALIST BUDGETThese are tips for small improvements that you can make on the road to the kind of independence that comes with owning and owing nothing but your property, time, and life. It's an attractive possibility, even if every advertiser and most of the people around you are working the other way around.

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Duración: 3h 31m 26s

Publicado por Joshua Ballard

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