Napoleon Hill's Success Principles Rediscovered

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Napoleon Hill

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Rich Germaine




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Napoleon Hill’s success principles are timeless, and there s a reason. Actually there are a dozen reasons and all of them create an atmosphere and environment conducive to learning, and succeeding.   He’s gentle, and his words are gentle.   He’s insightful, and his principles are sound and time-tested.   He’s easy to ready, understand, and apply.   He’s on target with what s wrong and what s weak.   He’s on target with how to make it right and strong.   His wisdom is right on the money.   His ethics ring true and genuine.   He reinforces his advice with real-world examples.   He encourages you to do it.   He has faith that you can achieve.   He warns you of outside influences that will be jealous of your endeavors.He has a track record that includes tens of millions of success stories.“I owe my positive attitude to Napoleon Hill. I realized that by adopting the fundamental Hill principles, and adapting them to my life and family, I could achieve and maintain a positive mental attitude. I became an achiever and a believer and have never lost that belief.” (Jeffrey Gitomer, author The Little Red Book of Selling and The Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude)

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