Neuro Discipline

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Lauren Green

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Sam Logsdon Kenneth Ellison




3h 29m 41s

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Increasing your productivity through accelerated learning and memory improvement is possible now with "Neuro Discipline"! It’s important to master the power of productivity and being self-disciplined so that you determine your success and achieve your goals.Procrastination and forgetting things is something that everybody struggles with, but throughout this guide, you will learn different ways to beat that problem and improve your life.This book will give you:- Learn to beat your temptations, excuses, and weaknesses - Why habits make or break the success - Mistakes people make when trying to be productive- Goals you need to know to make your vision as clear possible - And much more...Pursue your goals and find satisfaction and fulfillment. Control your brain so it doesn’t control you! Take control of your life by getting this book! Buy now "Neuro Discipline" and change your life...

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 3h 29m 41s

Publicado por Lauren Green

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