Neuroplasticity for Dummy

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The Seremban Boy

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Weng Honn




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Neuroplasticity simply means change in the nervous system. In order to fully understand Neuroplasticity , it requires deep reading and research, that filled with unfamiliar scientific terms and jargon for the average Joe .This course is aim to help the average Joe like you, that would love to know more about the science and psychology about Neuroplasticity , but afraid of the scientific terms and jargon . This course is a simplified version of Neuroplasticity , for easy learning .This Neuroplasticity for Dummy course , is created with missions :1) To help anyone that do not have any science background , to learn and use the power of Neuroplasticity to success in life (career , family , relationship ,financial)2) To reveal the possibility to turn the tide around by using the power of Neuroplasticity .3) To encourage , motivate and address the possibility of achieving any goal set by individual .This course is able to answer below questions :1) How neuroplasticity works2) Why neuroplasticity is important3) When was neuroplasticity discovered4) What neuroplasticity do5) What increases neuroplasticity6) What affects neuroplasticity7) What enhances neuroplasticityand so much more..........

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Duración: 1h 11m 57s

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