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Oprah Phillips

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Megan Meyer




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Frequently, we don't pay attention ... but in particular moments, you too may have noticed some small recurrences or "numerical" coincidences ... For example ... have you ever seen recurring numbers? Or noticed particular coincidences regarding the numbers?Today, after 25 years of practice and working with numbers, I looked back and asked myself: "Why, why did I come into contact with this beautiful discipline? And why I have practiced it for all this time?"Well ... the most beautiful and USEFUL thing for me is having developed a remarkable ability to observe!The second thing, even more beautiful, was to understand how to improve my relationship with others in an extraordinary way.The third thing is that, progressively, getting to know myself more and more, I DISCOVERED MY TRUE TALENTS and in which directions I can express them to the fullest.This is the first audiobook that covers everything you need to discover the secret meaning concealed in every number, and you have at your disposal all the practical methods to utilize at your best this extremely valuable information and the force that comes with it.Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover:How numerology works – an easy but accurate explanation.The step-by-step formula to decide the correct name for your baby.The foolproof way to create your life profile and discover what numbers say of you (and of your future).How numerology cycles influence who you are and what you need to concentrate on during certain phases of your life.How to choose your friends and partner to have harmonious communication with them.What is going on with some people and why there is always a reason people do what they do.and much, much more!You have made a wise decision obtaining it. Now scroll up, click the ‘Buy Now’ button, and dig in!

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Duración: 4h 18m 09s

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