Power of Self-Confidence, The

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Brian Tracy

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Brian Tracy




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Self-confidence is the ability to move out of you comfort zone and take risks with no guarantee of success. The Power of Self Confidence explains that confidence is "mental fitness." It can be developed by engaging in a series of regular exercises to build up and maintain higher and higher levels of self-confidence in every area of your life. This audiobook revolves around the idea that with self-confidence, everything is possible. Each chapter will be a lesson in ways to exercise mental fitness, which include: The Foundations of Self-ConfidencePurpose and Personal PowerAchieving Confidence and MasterySucceeding in Personal RelationshipsDealing with Difficult PeopleSelf Confidence in ActionAchieving Confidence and Mastery

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 5h 07m 13s

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