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Book Summary of Principles by Ray DalioImportant: this is not the original book, this is a summaryAbout Principles: Life and Work by Ray DalioAs one of the most successful investors in the world, Ray Dalio knows how the global financial system works. More importantly, he knows how to run a well-functioning business. In Principles, Ray goes below the surface of the successful reputation of his stock brokerage company, Bridgewater, to reveal the universal truths that he relied on to bring his business from the bottom to the top. Throughout this book, Ray shares principles he's refined over the past 40 years. And in the same way his principles were vital for Bridgewater becoming a leading financial organization, Ray believes they can be harnessed by anyone to experience better results in business or life. In Principles, Ray walks us through how he started his business from the humble beginnings of a two-bedroom apartment. He explains the trajectory of his multi-decade career in detail—including all the pitfalls. By splitting his book into 3 sections—Personal life, Life principles, and Work principles—Ray simplifies his approach to success. In this book summary, we’ll be looking at some of his most actionable ideas.Here's what you'll learn about in this summary of Principles:—How the ‘rational you’ and the ‘emotional you’ fight in your life—5-step process for pursuing meaningful goals in life—How to stop holding yourself back—Why you need other people to be your best self—How to hire the best people—How to properly plan for success

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