Raising a Warrior

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Naomi Sharp Samantha Bell

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Alex Guilford




5h 39m 14s

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To all tween-guardians…you are amazing. Parents today are facing some tough challenges. Long working hours, a higher cost of living, smaller family networks. At the same time, the pressure to be a parent who is present, nurturing, creative…and an all-round domestic hero! They must face contrasting views on social media, but somehow know how to choose just the right parenting advice…and find the time to read it! All this while trying to cut down on screen time and get their children outside more! Tweens may well be facing their own battles. The pressure to look a certain way, act a certain way, perform at school, grow up and fit in with their friends…not to mention coping with all their physical changes. All this while trying to make sense of society's icons and endless images, and how this relates to them and their view of themselves. These conflicts are not only filtering through into children's home lives, but also their school and personal lives. Carers, key workers, nannies and other related professionals are therefore encountering their own hurdles as they dedicate themselves to making a difference in both youngsters and parents' lives. RAISING A WARRIOR HAS SCRAPPED THE TECHNICAL AND GONE BACK TO BASICS. THE NOVEL, LUCY AND SARAH will take children on the journey of two sisters who tragically have lost both parents. Along the way, they each learn wisdom from life, discover hidden strengths and heal their broken hearts. The readers will follow their story as they find the courage to make brave, new choices, and create the life of their dreams. In the ACTIVITY BOOK, the sisters will guide tweens through twenty activities. Each one is designed to teach children how to face personal challenges with self-confidence. They will also inspire them to dream big, speak up, be themselves…and yes, get outside! The ADULT'S GUIDE will break each of the activities down for you and highlight the life principles they are aiming to teach. You will be given practical suggestions about how to pass on key life skills, navigate adversity, and teach gratitude and kindness. You will learn how to survive the meltdowns and tricky conversations with more ease and knowledge. This unique, three-book project has been created to facilitate family/group-time, fun and open communication, as together, you explore great ideas and thoughts through the power of a thought-provoking story.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 5h 39m 14s

Publicado por Austin Macauley Publishers