Relaxations for Sleep

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Sue Fuller

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Sue Fuller




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Relaxations for Sleep Vol.1 contains two different 28 minute guided relaxation sessions. Each session will clear your mind and induce deep relaxation allowing you to drift off into a fantastic sleep and wake feeling calm, refreshed and revitalised.Both of the Relaxations for Sleep Vol.1 sessions have been devised to be followed whilst you are lying comfortably in bed. The sessions use expert tuition to introduce simple and instruct effective rhythmic yoga breathing exercises, muscle relaxation and visualization techniques that are combined with soft, soothing background music. During each session the music gradually fades away as you experience deep relaxation and drift off into the perfect night's sleep. The Relaxations for Sleep Vol.1 sessions are devised and instructed by Sue Fuller and were recorded in a professional sound studio. Sue is the resident yoga expert for Natural Health Magazine and is a leading yoga teacher, writer and training course author who has studied and taught yoga around the world since 1995.

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Duración: 1h 00m 47s

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