Self-Confidence Strategies for Women

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Leslie Theriot Herhold MSW, LCSW, PMH-C

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Erin deWard




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With so much uncertainty in the world, learning to love yourself and march out of your comfort zone can feel daunting. This book of self confidence strategies for women offers simple tools based on proven therapy principles to help you achieve greater confidence, stronger relationships, increased motivation, and a more positive outlook on life.Learn how your thoughts and behavior influence your self-esteem, and find expert advice for changing negative patterns. You'll practice identifying your strengths and values, quieting doubt, and approaching intimidating situations with conviction. Increase your confidence in yourself and your abilities with easy and effective exercises that you can apply to everything you do.Experience the benefits of self confidence with:● Clinically proven techniques● Confidence inside and out● See self confidence in actionThis is the simple way to develop more self confidence and see yourself as the amazing and talented woman you are.

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