Selling Luxury

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Genevieve Tour Alain-Dominique Perrin Robin Lent

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Jo Anna Perrin




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Selling in a luxury universe is full of magic, passion, and emotion. The customer, the creation and the Sales Ambassador all enjoy an exchange of views that is just as important as the luxury item itself, and its beauty. The sales ambassador therefore plays a critical role. He or she is the living brand for the customer and should embody the brand and serve as the "Ambassador" to the lifestyle that the brand represents.  In order to be an Ambassador, it requires a multitude of skills, personal energy, and subtlety. This book presents 88 principles and tactics for understanding luxury customers, providing breathtaking customer service, and closing on high-ticket sales. This book explains to luxury sales ambassadors: The importance of listening and observing Building a relationship of turst and loyalty Luxury is in the details The emotional side of the sale The powerful impace of personalized service How to astonish customers and close the sale

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Duración: 3h 12m 49s

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