Small Company Big Crisis

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Bronwyn Reid

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At some point, every small business will face a crisis.When that crisis comes, will you freeze – or flourish?Global pandemics. Raging bushfires. The death of a loved one. Severe floods. Stock market crashes. Sudden illness. It seems that we no sooner get through one crisis when we’re faced with another.That is exactly what does happen, and Australian businesses will continue to be buffeted by such crises. Whether personal or international, a crisis can have devastating consequences for a small business. Small Company, Big Crisis is a timely, practical guide to preparing for, surviving, and coming out the other side of a crisis – with your business and sanity intact.With more than 25 years’ experience as a small business owner, Bronwyn Reid has been through plenty of the economic booms and busts, natural disasters, and personal crises that can derail a small business. In this book, she shares the vital lessons she has learned along the way and outlines the actions you can take to ensure your business weathers any storm.* Explore the history of boom and bust* Learn the 7 questions you must ask yourself to build resilient businesses* Understand the 10 steps of dealing with a crisis – without freezing* Discover the opportunities that develop from a crisis, and how to seize them* Investigate the ways we can all do business better in the futureWhether you’ve already experienced a business crisis, or whether you’re looking to future-proof your venture, Small Company, Big Crisis will help you confront the inevitable, protect your business (and yourself), and grow stronger as a result.

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