Social Media Success for Every Brand

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Donald Miller Claire Diaz-Ortiz

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Jackie Dorman




4h 05m 47s

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Based on Donald Miller’s bestselling book?Building a StoryBrand, Claire Diaz-Ortiz applies the seven principles of the StoryBrand Framework to help you build an effective, long-lasting social media plan for your brand.Most business owners are blindly guessing at their social media strategy, and it’s costing them time and money. This book teaches you how to incorporate the StoryBrand 7-Part Framework into their social media channels to increase engagement and see better results.In Social Media Success for Every Brand, you will understand exactly what they need to do with their social media to drive growth to their organization through the practical guidance of the five-point SHARE model:StoryHowAudienceReachExcellenceSocial Media Success for Every Brand does not require you to be familiar with?Building a StoryBrand,?but provides enough foundation to prepare you for practical success with their social media content.Together with the StoryBrand Framework, Claire’s SHARE model will help boost customer engagement and grow the organization’s brand awareness and revenues.

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Duración: 4h 05m 47s

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