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Daniel Sih

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Kylie Sih Daniel Sih




7h 49m 40s

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Busy and reactive?Struggling to focus?Craving time for relationships?If so, perhaps it’s time to make space in your world for the things that really matter.What if you could be productive and rested by living an ordered, rhythmical life? What if habitually unplugging from digital technology was not simply a means of surviving week by week but a strategy to produce your best work and live your best life?Spacemaker will help you:Discover why your productivity suffers when you overuse digital technology.Explore timeless principles to make space in the distractions of digital life.Implement a series of practices to think deeply, rest fully and spend more time with loved ones away from a screen.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 7h 49m 40s

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