Startup CEO

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Matt Blumberg

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Jonathan Yen




16h 36m 45s

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Being a startup CEO is a job like no other: it's difficult, risky, stressful, lonely, and often learned through trial and error. As a startup CEO seeing things for the first time, you're likely to make mistakes, fail, get things wrong, and feel like you don't have any control over outcomes. Author Matt Blumberg has been there, and in Startup CEO he shares his experience, mistakes, and lessons learned as he guided Return Path from a handful of employees and no revenues to over $100 million in revenues and 500 employees.Startup CEO is not a memoir of Return Path's twenty-year journey but a thoughtful CEO-focused book that provides first-time CEOs with advice, tools, and approaches for the situations that startup CEOs will face. You'll learn: how to tell your story to new hires, investors, and customers for greater alignment; how to create a values-based culture for speed and engagement; how to create business and personal operating systems so that you can balance your life and grow your company at the same time; how to develop, lead, and leverage your board of directors for greater impact; and how to ensure that your company is bought, not sold, when you exit.Startup CEO is the field guide every CEO needs throughout the growth of their company.

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Duración: 16h 36m 45s

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