Ted Bundy

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Ted Bundy is such an enigma that it is a challenge to describe him in one sentence. He is certainly one of the most notorious serial killers of all time and one which both fascinates and terrifies us all in some way or another. To think that he was able to sustain a life of education, romance, politics, and ordinary day-jobs while he brutally raped and murdered countless women across the United States is gut-wrenching- there were no signs of what he hid behind his charming smile and boyish personality.He is known as a serial rapist and murderer, but he was also a voyeur, hebephile, necrophile, and cannibal- with an avalanche of love for socks. His fetishes ranged from Burlington socks to sadomasochism and brunettes with their hair parted in the middle, which he combined into the most gruesome and torturous expressions of his inferiority and rage. A cunning and manipulative nose picker who studied psychology and law to master his craft, something that he said he worked very hard to “get right”. Wherever Bundy fell short in childhood, he made up for in adulthood, making sure that he squeezed himself into as many middle to upper-class circles as he could and earning himself the favor he needed from police officers, politicians, professors, church leaders, and girlfriends to help him stay undetected for as long as possible.Just what did the most memorable and famous American serial killer get up to that earned him a seat in the electric chair?Let’s Investigate!

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Duración: 5h 16m 47s

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