Things No One Else Can Teach Us

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Humble the Poet

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Humble the Poet




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Create your own silver linings. SHIFT YOUR PERSPECTIVE.CHANGE YOUR LIFE.Setbacks, disappointments, failures can incapacitate anyone. But they don’t have to.Spoken word artist, rapper, and international bestselling author of Unlearn, Humble the Poet, shares raw and honest stories from his own life – from his rocky start becoming a rapper, nearly going broke to being the victim of racial prejudice – to reveal how a change in mindset can radically alter our outlook.Simple yet profound, Things No One Else Can Teach Us show how our hardest moments can help us flourish, but only if we recognize and seize the opportunity.In Things No One Else Can Teach Us, Humble the Poet explores the themes of mindfulness, personal growth, and mental health. His inspirational and motivational stories, coupled with his insights into the psychology of emotions, make this a top-rated book in the self-help genre.For fans of Héctor García (The Book of Ichigo Ichie), Heather Cleary (Ikigai), Francesc Miralles (Forest Bathing), Kathryn Petras ("It Always Seems Impossible Until It's Done."), and Joseph Murphy (The Power of Your Subconscious Mind).

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Duración: 6h 27m 14s

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