Ultimate ASMR Relaxation and Meditation Techniques, The

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Escrito por

James Gardner

Narrado por

Katie Haigh




1h 04m 04s

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Bring together the inner happiness brought by meditation and the external pleasure of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). We specify that the interpretation of this title is intentionally whispered, to correspond to the principles of the ASMR. This album of meditation and relaxation techniques is read by Katie Haigh in a soft whisper that will ensure to trigger the frisson of ASMR and its healing properties, so that you feel perfectly relaxed, brain-thrillingly good, and finally let go of stress and anxieties. ASMR and meditation have both been linked to decrease in anxiety, sleeping disorders and panic attacks; the six meditation techniques presented in this bundle will teach you to de-stress the mind and body while experimenting the tingling, "braingasmic" sensation of ASMR. Let yourself be guided by her soft, feminine whisper through meditation techniques for beginners, a calming color relaxation visualization, a guided sleep relaxation, a special visualization where you achieve total relaxation by floating on a cloud, and a sleep countdown relaxation technique for long-lasting enhancing effects on your sleep.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 1h 04m 04s

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