Unspoken Rules, The

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Gorick Ng

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Kyle Tait




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What will separate you from the rest early in your career? The ability to take ownership, manage expectations, navigate people dynamics, and communicate professionally—skills that school doesn't teach.Most career guides assume that you already know how the working world works. But if you're starting your very first job or taking a job in a new company, you might not know all the unspoken rules that determine who gets ahead and who doesn't. In The Unspoken Rules, you'll learn the basic workplace skills necessary for success.From the author: "Over the last four years, I've interviewed over five hundred interns, early career professionals, managers, and executives. . . . My conversations revolved around three key topics:● What are the most common mistakes early-career professionals make at work?● What would you do differently if you could relive your first years on the job?● What do you think separates top performers from mediocre ones?After testing the advice I gathered from these hundreds of interviews, I started coaching other early-career professionals. Now I'm distilling everything I've learned into a step-by-step guide called The Unspoken Rules."

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Duración: 7h 02m 15s

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