Visualization: Directing the Movies of Your Mind

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Adelaide Bry

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Adelaide Bry




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This unique program teaches you the theory and practice of visualization and, perhaps even more important, how to develop the trust and self-confidence to make it work for you! Discover what scientists, doctors, athletes and executives have proven: What you can visualize, you can have!You'll learn three forms of visualization: programmed, guided, and open-screen (receptive) visualization. You'll stay healthy and recover more rapidly when you do become ill. You'll expand your mind, creativity and problem-solving talents. Last but not least, you'll improve and deepen your personal relationships.The Mental Home Movie method is easy to follow and easy to use. Harness and apply the powers of your imagination to refine those images into what you want them to be. Detailed techniques and sample scripts immediately get you on your way to achieving your dreams and goals in life.A Macmillan Audio production.

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Duración: 59m 17s

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