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Unleash your hidden leadership skills with this powerful, heartfelt guide.Great business schools know that connection, more than curriculum, shapes great leaders. Every aspect of the experience intentionally maximizes relationship building.What an MBA Taught Me . . . But My Kids Made Me Learn is a sometimes hilarious, other times harrowing journey through Harvard Business School, twenty years of business experience, and the most important academy of all: parenting.Parenting?That's right. When Bea Wray returned to entrepreneurial work after six years as a full-time mom, she worried. What relevant skills could she bring to the corporate table? Yet her career took off as her interpersonal expertise soared. Perhaps family time can be a breakthrough, rather than a break from professional advancement.Psssst. "Soft" skills are actually pretty hard . . . but they can be mastered. As kids demonstrate, we learn best when having fun. In this book, dozens of essential executive leadership lessons are carefully wrapped in humorous and heartfelt stories to inspire and encourage you.

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Duración: 5h 34m 40s

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