When They Win, You Win

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This program is read by the author, inspirational business leader Russ Laraway.From the legendary Silicon Valley manager who inspired Radical Candor, the three simple rules for creating happy, engaged teams.Businesses everywhere are plagued by managers who seem to think that keeping their staff miserable is the best way to deliver profits. This is a failure of leadership that also hurts the bottom line; research has shown that maintaining a happy, engaged workforce consistently drives measurably better business results across the board.In When They Win, You Win, Russ Laraway, the Chief People Officer at Qualtrics, provides a simple, coherent, and complete leadership standard that teaches organizational planners and managers how to develop incredible levels of employee engagement. The audiobook identifies three key elements: clear direction-setting, frequent coaching, and active engagement with employees on their long-term career goals.Russ Laraway's approach to management, developed at Google, Twitter, and Qualtrics, shows the way to cultivate a happy, productive, and engaged team. Happy results are sure to follow—for you, your customers, your shareholders, and your employees alike.A Macmillan Audio production from St. Martin's Press.

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