White Noise - Sleep, Study, Focus, Tinnitus

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Marisa Sheldon White Noise Laboratory

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Ian Gallagher




6h 13m 50s

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By popular request, here is a premium collection of our most soothing white noise sounds, combined with binaural beats. The relaxing white noise soundscapes are great for helping you sleep, study or focus. Sometimes the key to relaxation is simple !Block out distractions and create a peaceful ambience with this 6 hours white noise audiobook. WHAT YOU GET:1. Introduction (2 min.) 2. Best White Noise for Studying (60 min.)3. The Most Relaxing White Noise Soundscape in the World (60 min.)4. Smoothed White Noise for Stress Relief, Relaxation & Sleeping (60 min.)5. Ocean Chords (60 min.)6. Cosmic White Noise for Sleeping & Studying (60 min.)7. Awesome Fan Sound for Deep Sleep (60 min.)Listening to "White Noise" instantly ensures considerable inner peace and can also have a very helpful effect on tinnitus. Can't wait for your audiobook to arrive? Download it now!(Audio sample contains excerpts from ALL the tracks in this audio book!)

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 6h 13m 50s

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