Why CEOs Fail

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Peter C. Cairo David L. Dotlich

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Bruce Miles




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Leaders (and those that aspire to lead) at all levels in organizations are interested in succeeding, and yet, as these coaches to the cream of the crop explain, they sabotage their own success even the best and brightest fail at their efforts because they succumb to certain derailing behaviors : the eleven deadly sins. While the authors point out that these same behaviours might have gotten them to where they are to a certain extent -- at a certain point they cease to be positive and can turn negative and totally damanging to the unaware leader.  The authors, both psychologists, will name and illustrate the eleven sins with real stories taken from behind their closed door practice. Cogent, straight and crisply written these short chapters will offer insight and inspiration for all leaders who may struggle with their dark sid and be both a useful and fascinating read that will leave many recognizing themselves and the traps they can avoid to their own success.

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Duración: 3h 43m 31s

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