Win Your Case

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Gerry Spence




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What's true for training great trial lawyers is true for all winning presenters. According to renowned trial attorney and best-selling author Gerry Spence, presenting a case before decision makers is not simply a technique, but an occasion for summoning your deepest reserves to advocate on behalf of something crucial. Here, Spence combines a rich exploration of truth, fairness, and emotional honesty with practical advice gleaned from a lifetime of hard-earned legal triumphs to show what makes a strong, persuasive presentation. Spence's essentials include: Preparing the power-person to accept your caseOwning your feelingsBeing "in the moment"The power of fear, ours and theirsMaking an effective closing argumentA Macmillan Audio production.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 4h 52m 51s

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