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Kelly Murray

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Kelly McGee Eric LaCord




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Witchcraft That Really Works? Yes, It’s A Thing And You Can Learn It!Have you ever wanted to cast a magic spell that would change your life immediately?Make you wise, successful, and loved?Heal that weird health issue that even your doctor doesn’t quite understand?Protect your loved ones from negative energies?But guess what? Magic is real, even though it often needs some time to work.Nature is very powerful, although most of us overlook its powers. It’s not possible to control it entirely, but there are rituals that can direct nature’s energies towards a certain goal – for example, healing a person or opening someone’s heart for love.This bundle of three books will teach you exactly this kind of magic.Here’s what the books will teach you:The fundamentals of Wicca and the tools you’ll need to practice Wiccan ritualsHow to cast spells you find in spellbooks – and how to make your own!How to grow, harvest, and store magical herbs… and how to use them!Where to get magic candles, how to cleanse them and program them with your spellsAnd much, much more!WARNING: Never try to use your newly acquired magic skills to harm someone. Wiccan magic is very powerful and you’ll end up harming yourself in the process.Are you ready to become a real witch?

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