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Based on her inspiring, viral 2018 commencement speech to Barnard College’s graduates in New York City, New York Times best-selling author, two-time Olympic gold medalist, and FIFA World Cup champion Abby Wambach delivers her empowering rally cry for women to unleash their individual power, unite with their pack, and emerge victorious together.Abby Wambach became a champion because of her incredible talent as a soccer player. She became an icon because of her remarkable wisdom as a leader. As the cocaptain of the 2015 Women’s World Cup Champion Team, she created a culture not just of excellence, but of honor, commitment, resilience, and sisterhood. She helped transform a group of individual women into one of the most successful, powerful, and united wolf packs of all time. In her retirement, Abby’s ready to do the same for her new team: all women everywhere.In Wolfpack, Abby’s message to women is: We have never been Little Red Riding Hood. We are the wolves. We must wander off the path and blaze a new one: together.She insists women must let go of old rules of leadership that neither include or serve them. She’s created a new set of wolf pack rules to help women unleash their individual power, unite with their wolf pack, and change the landscape of their lives and world: from the family room to the board room to the White House.Make failure your fuel: Transform failure to wisdom and power.Lead from the bench: Lead from wherever you are.Champion each other: Claim each woman’s victory as your own.Demand the effing ball: Don’t ask permission: Take what you’ve earned.In Abby’s vision, we are not Little Red Riding Hoods, staying on the path because we’re told to. We are the wolves, fighting for a better tomorrow for ourselves, our pack, and all the future wolves who will come after us.

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