Women with Attention Deficit Disorder

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Sari Solden MS

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Solden, MS Sari




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Every year, millions of withdrawn little girls and chronically overwhelmed women go undiagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder because they don't fit the stereotypical profile: they're not fast-talking, hyperactive, or inattentive, and they are not male. Sari Solden's groundbreaking study reveals that ADHD affects just as many women as men, and that the resulting depression, disorganization, anxiety, and underachievement are also symptoms of ADHD. Newly revised and updated to reflect the latest clinical research, the book explores treatment and counseling options, and uses real-life case histories to examine the special challenges women with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) face, such as the shame of not fulfilling societal expectations. Included is a brand-new chapter on friendship for women with ADHD. Three empowering steps—restructuring one's life, renegotiating relationships, and redefining self-image—help women take control of their lives and enjoy success on their own terms.

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Duración: 12h 51m 44s

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