Work Better Together

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Anh Nguyen Phillips Jen Fisher

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Eva Wilhelm




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For years, companies have been implementing programs that promote social responsibility and improve employee health, both of which benefit the financial bottom line. Now it's time to focus on positive social interactions and relationships in the workplace. Why? Research shows that authentic, trust-based relationships increase job satisfaction, engagement, productivity, and retention—and even decreased healthcare costs. In Work Better Together, two experts from Deloitte explain how working remotely, over-relying on digital communication, and always being "on" is fast-increasing feelings of isolation and burnout—and how a work culture driven by quality relationships can reverse these trends. The authors show how to cultivate positive relationships by: focusing on self-care, such as physical health, quality sleep, and taking time off; tapping into human skills, such as empathy, authenticity, and communication; using technology with intentionality to strengthen relationships, while breaking the negative habits technology fosters; managing workplace relationships, whether you’re in the office every day or telecommuting—or something in between; and developing a culture of strong relationships that drive quality collaboration throughout the organization.

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Duración: 6h 52m 42s

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