Your Best Self: Letting Love Find You

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Escrito por

Brenda Shoshanna

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Brenda Shoshanna




42m 18s

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The search for love can feel endless. We tend to create mental lists of what we want; when someone meets our demands and expectations, it works for a while. Then, when things change or wear out, it’s on to the next. LETTING LOVE FIND YOU, offers a totally different way. On this new path, you will discover how to cultivate and find love that is fresh, alive, and enduring. You will learn how love brings exactly what is needed naturally by itself. In this book we learn how to allow for this type of love, and how we ourselves can embody love in the ways in which we live and exist. You will also learn what it is that so often keeps this love away.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 42m 18s

Publicado por Brenda Shoshanna

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