Agile PMO, The

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Sanjiv Augustine Kevin Aguanno

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Sanjiv Augustine Kevin Aguanno




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How should we scale Scrum beyond individual projects? How can PMOs avoid being process police and instead truly support Scrum teams, enable enterprise rollout of Scrum, and sustain long-term Scrum adoption?Listen to this recording as agile project management expert Kevin Aguanno interviews agile guru Sanjiv Augustine. Learn how industry leaders are scaling Scrum with Agile PMOs that:Support and empower agile teams through training, coaching, and organizational obstacle removal,Track project portfolios using Agile tracking techniques, Bring lean discipline to project prioritization, Move towards a stable teams model of resource management Sanjiv will share principles and techniques for the Agile PMO, and discuss how those concepts are being applied in the industry to scale Scrum through adaptive governance of programs and portfolios.Learn how to make the most out of your agile transformation by leveraging an agile PMO.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 54m 17s

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