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Venus G. Sullivan

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Jessie Gross




31m 58s

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Do you hold an interest in astrology and believe that the stars can predict your future?Would you like to dig even deeper and learn more on this fascinating subject?This book provides the ultimate experience!The stars have impressed the human imagination since ever we first looked to them and wondered what they were. As humans began to increase their understanding of the objects that lit up the night sky, new thinking emerged about the possibilities that our lives and futures were eternally linked to them and that they influenced our life path.In this book, Astrology: The Ultimate Astrology Book for Interpreting Your Horoscope, you will uncover much of the ideas that surround astrology and how the stars are used to predict certain things, with chapters that include:- Astrology Basics- The History of Astrology- Zodiac Signs Basics- Characteristics of Different Zodiac Signs- Characteristics of Different Zodiac Signs Houses- Tools Used in Astrology- Astrology in Folk StoriesBy reading this book you will quickly gain an understanding that is deeper than the average person and soon be able to make your own interpretations of the stars we love so much.Get a copy and be amazed by what you will learn!

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 31m 58s

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