Awakening Sensuality

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Sonja Burger Olga Storm

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Ron Porter




1h 53m 12s

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Awakening Sensuality is a meditative guide that empowers you to unleash your unique talent for happiness, your emotional intelligence, your immense potential for love, and the true sensuality that lies inside you.This guide takes you on an incredible journey of mindfulness and self-discovery. It will change the way you think about yourself.Every meditation and exercise in this audiobook aim to help you discover new levels of relaxation, spiritual and physical pleasure, and positive emotions. Deep relaxation opens up your inner resources, dissipating muscle tension and emotional strain. Enjoy your bodily sensations more mindfully and intensely by doing mindfulness exercises. Visualize the healing energy of love filling every aspect of your life.Activate your ability to enjoy subtle tastes and aromas, tactile sensations, energy vibrations, and sounds more keenly.Practice a series of meditation exercises to sharpen your sensitivity. Develop your ability to sense, amplify and transform your sexual energy. Continue to explore your inner sensuality and your true sexuality by doing joint meditations with a sexual partner.Use the power of visualization and metaphoric thinking to unlock your marvelous resources of emotional intelligence and to reveal your inner beauty.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 1h 53m 12s

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