Conversation Skills and Relationship Communication

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Helen Stone

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William Carter




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Discover how to become a great and fascinating conversion list even if in you're shy or often don’t know what to say. This includes two books: • Conversation Skills: Talk to anyone and develop a magnetic charisma • Relationship Communication: Discover How to Resolve Any Conflict with Your Partner & Create Deeper Intimacy in Your Relationship Here's a short preview of what you'll discover: • Develop IMMEDIATELY a charming and magnetic personality in thirteen easy steps. (Start attracting interesting personalities into your life; you won’t need anymore to keep looking for them!) • Three essential rules to become involved in interesting conversations. • Seven horrible mistakes you’re making in your communication that don’t attract people. • The three most important secrets to get along with anyone you desire. • Little-known tips you need to know to seduce the person you like by talking. • How to understand deeper your partner’s real needs and how to deal with them in the best way. • How to overcome difficult conversations with NO suffering and drama thanks to expert-known advises. • How to save relationships with nine little-known communication tips. • Essential techniques to IMMEDIATELY start using the right words to deepen and improve your relationships. (Forget all the negative past mistakes with these self-love and life-changing exercises and start living an intense and romantic relationship NOW!) And much, much more… Even if you often run out of arguments to discuss and have never shown dominance in your life, this book will teach you to attract and charm every person in your surroundings. By developing your conversation skills you’ll be capable of creating incredible connections and fascinating whoever is listening to you. If you want to unlock these expert techniques, and finally ignite new opportunities through the power of conversation alone, then you should start this book today!

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 5h 46m 55s

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