Dancing with Disruption

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Mike Lipkin

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Mike Lipkin




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No matter who you are, part of your job is to be a disruptor. Disruption: radical change that shatters the status quo. We all face a future that is nothing like our past. We can struggle with disruption or we can dance with it. We can each be a disruptor, creating the future one step at a time. Over the past twenty-five years, superstar coach Mike Lipkin has studied and worked with thousands of disruptors around the world. In Dancing with Disruption, he shows us that the key to extraordinary success is to have so much fun that we become the source of others’ joy. Dancing with Disruption is peppered with examples and a vibrant, full-color design, bringing these lessons to life. Just beyond your reach is an amazing breakthrough. Mike Lipkin will help you grasp it. It’s time to dance.

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Duración: 6h 55m 36s

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