FBA Product Research 101

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Red Mikhail

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Want to learn the true secrets behind Amazon’s most profitable products? If you’re a beginner who’s looking for a way to get started with your own Amazon FBA Private Label business, then this book is the first thing that you should read regarding product research. In this book, you’ll get the same information that most $10,000 Amazon FBA gurus teach their students. Except that you don’t have to pay as much! You’re literally getting lean and concise information about e-commerce product research through this guide. By mastering product research, you’ll be confident that you can always make money and continue to do so in the long-term. Look at each product as if it’s an asset that you get to build each day. The more profitable products you can find, the more passive income you’ll consistently make. In this book you will discover: The “perfect criteria” that every beginner should follow when they’re searching for their first few products to sell on Amazon What the 5X rule is and why it’ll save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars from potential mistakes A real-life example of me doing product research and me explaining my rationale behind choosing those products 5 ways to find suppliers and how to make sure that you’re only dealing with the legit ones 10 things to keep in mind when doing your product research… each one of these can save you lots of time and money in the process What “value skewing” is, why you should follow it, and how to apply it on your own research. This one concept alone can be the difference between $10,000 months and $100 months. And many more inside! Discover a simple, actionable, and beginner-friendly way of doing product research for your AMAZON FBA business. Get your copy by clicking the ADD TO CART button and start researching profitable products today!

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Duración: 1h 05m 11s

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