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Get on the express for Feng Shui. Know how to apply the ancient art of Feng Shui to get what you want and attract luck, love, and money Do you want to: Attract more money into your life or get out of financial debt? Find that one perfect soulmate or add more romance to your love life? Receive an unexpected promotion at work or land that dream job? Get into that dream school or program you've been wishing for? Improve the family atmosphere at home or relationship with friends? Obtain more happiness or find fulfillment within your life? Well, now you can, simply by arranging or adding a few pieces of furniture at home or at the office. Huh, what such nonsense is this? Sounds far-fetched doesn't it? Don't be hasty to jump to ignorant bliss just yet! You know how people say that your environment can influence a person? Well, the Chinese believes there is much more to it and that it affects your success, happiness, and health as well. There are energies around us that govern events within our lives favorably or unfavorably; however, you can enhance the positive energy and repeal the negative one, thus turning bad fortune into good fortune. This is what the Chinese considers to be the work of Feng Shui, which has been around for thousands of years. What is Feng Shui? If this is the first time you've heard of this word, Feng Shui is basically a system of altering the environment harmoniously to one's being for the maximum flow of life energy - what the Chinese called "chi". However, this is not only a Chinese practice, but other cultures also believe in such art of geomancy with placing things in their most auspicious ways for the best outcome on one's life.

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Duración: 42m 33s

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