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Dave Gerhardt

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Dave Gerhardt




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You’re part of an elite group of builders, creators, and innovators who have accomplished something few can claim: you’ve founded a company. Now the challenge of standing out in the crowd begins—and how you differentiate yourself counts. Building a brand and growing a business can be expensive and time-consuming. But you have a key advantage and secret strategy, one that will set you apart no matter your industry, product, or company size. You have a story, and it’s one of your most valuable assets. In Founder Brand, marketing expert Dave Gerhardt reveals how to build your brand by positioning yourself as the story, heart, and soul of your business. This is a tactical guidebook that first shows you how to tell your story, then how to put your story to use as a marketing strategy. You’ll learn how social media provides a bridge between you and your customers, the platforms that are appropriate for your business, and how to measure results to truly determine value. This book is the ultimate resource for founders, CEOs, and marketing teams trying to find their company’s niche, strategize for the future, and create brand awareness that establishes the credibility and trust your products deserve.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 3h 27m 49s

Publicado por Lioncrest Publishing

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