Healing Meditation Music 888Hz 30 minutes

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Escrito por

Jack Watson

Narrado por

Sara Dylan




32m 56s

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In this audio listening experience, Sara Dylan will be leading you gently into a quiet healing meditation using 888 Hz frequency: 888 Hz Frequency music is a frequency that reminds us of how we’re all connected in some magical way, sending out our messages of wants, needs, and desires to materialize subconsciously into the cosmos. It’s also known as the angel number frequency and when we play this music it is listened to for its blessings of angels that can dispel our fear of judgment, opening the door to miracles and Divine love.Ideal for meditation, yoga class, Reiki and chakras healing, Zen, guided meditation background music, sound bath, hypnotherapy session, out of body experience, astral travel, aura regeneration, and relaxation.Relax and enjoy.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 32m 56s

Publicado por Mindcool Productions

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