How to make money from your Instagram account

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How to make money from your Instagram accountIf you have an Instagram account or a business owner and are not making full use of social media to expand and grow your business, you are missing out on potentially billions of new clients. It doesn't matter if you're an author, a blogger, an e-bay seller, own a tee-shirt business, make tutorials of any sort, are a cook or a chef, have an Esty shop, are an artist, a poet, an affiliate marketer, a high street business or a multinational conglomerate, never forget that you are a brand. Instagram is the best social media site to develop and promote your business. In this book, I will detail a step by step guide on how to maximise your Instagram presence, develop a loyal following and more importantly, how to turn your followers into repeat customers. I will be covering everything from how to create the perfect biography, to how and when to post. From which types of posts work best to the importance of hashtags and much, much more. So, whether you're just starting out in business or already well established in the marketplace, this book will guide you on how to become successful on Instagram and maximize your business and more importantly, your profits.

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