It Works

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Escrito por

R. H. Jarret

Narrado por

Steve Blaufelt




22m 41s

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Published in 1926, "It Works" by R.H. Jarrett is a self-help staple advocating for the power of manifestation. It offers a concise, three-step plan to achieve your desires:Clarity: Write down your goals in detail, sparking the subconscious mind.Visualization: Think about your desires as reality, cultivating belief and positive energy.Secrecy: Keep your aspirations silent, preventing doubts and distractions.Though lacking scientific backing, the book's simplicity and focus on positive thinking have won it popularity for generations. While its effectiveness remains subjective, "It Works" continues to inspire readers with its message of harnessing inner power to shape their own realities.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 22m 41s

Publicado por Independently Published

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