Knowledge of the Higher Worlds

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Rudolf Steiner's fundamental handbook for spiritual and personal development has grown more modern as time has passed, although his methods remain clearly distinguishable from the many others now in circulation. Steiner's path of spiritual growth is based on the clarity of thought normally associated with scientific research. Rather than denying clear thinking, his aim is to extend it beyond its present limitations. Steiner recognizes—as all genuine disciplines always have—that the path to spiritual experience is an arduous and dangerous one, calling for self-control in thought, word and deed. Human beings comprise a unity, and we cannot develop knowledge without a corresponding development in feeling and will.Knowledge of the Higher Worlds begins with the conditions required for personal development, and guides us through the stages of initiation, its practical aspects and its effects. This audio edition, complete and unabridged, is read by respected actor and speech teacher Peter Bridgmont, author of Liberation of the Actor.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 6h 23m 52s

Publicado por Rudolf Steiner Press

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