Kobe Bryant

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“Winning takes precedence over all. There’s no gray area. No almosts.”— Kobe “The Black Mamba” BryantAs the youngest NBA and All-Star game player, the youngest to reach 10,000, 20,000 and 30,000 points and ranked third in NBA’s all-time scoring and postseason list, few can deny that Kobe is one of the greats of basketball.Have you ever wondered what makes Kobe great and sets him apart?In this biography of Kobe Bryant, James doesn’t just reveal the inspirational life story behind the world famous athlete as he was catapulted from the courts of high school to the professional world of NBA.With a BONUS Top 8 Motivational Lessons to be learned from Bryant’s rise to fame and success, this candid Kobe Bryant biography also reveals hidden secrets that no other book has yet revealed.Whether you’re an aspiring athlete seeking to take inspiration from one of basketballs greats and discover how to overcome challenges while training to be the best or simply a fan wanting to know more, this inspiring book lays out the full Kobe Bryant story as it has NEVER been told before!Readers will benefit from this book by learning:• The rituals and superstitions that Kobe abides by• Which stage of his life was the hardest and how he overcame it• How Kobe became such a good defensive player?• What workouts and training regimens does he use• How many shots a day does Kobe make?• Who are some famous people that have been inspired by him• The mysterious story of his number• Lots of other Kobe Bryant life and game secrets you cannot find anywhere else!Kobe’s character and mindset have led to him smashing world records time after time. The slam dunk hero’s inspirational career comes from a discipline that anyone can apply to their own approach for a successful life—and they are all exposed in this Kobe Bryant biography!Would You Like To Know More?Download now and discover the sporting secrets of The Black Mamba and take some of those secrets to apply to your own life!

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