Marketing to Introverts

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Marcia Yudkin

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Marcia Yudkin




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Increase your understanding of psychological diversity and its impact in business. If you're in business and love hanging out with other people as much as you can, it's essential to recognize that not all customers think and feel as you do. Some 25% to 50% of the population are introverts, and overlooking this misunderstood category of people in marketing and sales can damage your income and your success. In this groundbreaking report, learn about introverts' attitudes, behavior, preferences, and beliefs as they pertain to buying and business relationships. Find out which stereotypes of introverts are myths and which correspond to actual tendencies. Discover the implications of introvert leanings for lead generation, face-to-face selling, promotional copy, training, meetings, content marketing, and more. Absorb the insights from four in-depth case studies of business professionals who have developed a deep sensitivity to the needs of introvert clients and colleagues.Author Marcia Yudkin, who has published over a dozen books on business and communication, estimates that 70-75% percent of her clients over decades have been introverts. Marketing to Introverts incorporates results of surveys and interviews she has conducted as well as her observations and quotes from experts. After implementing her suggestions, you'll experience fewer interpersonal misunderstandings and conflicts. You'll make better connections with a wider swath of people and enjoy more productive business relationships. You may expand your flexibility, empathy, and offering options. And the payoff will include more relaxed and satisfied customers who stick with you. ©2017 Marcia Yudkin (P)2017 Marcia Yudkin

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Duración: 1h 47m 45s

Publicado por Creative Ways (Marcia Yudkin)

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