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Adam Brown

Narrado por

Jessica Budreau




46m 18s

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Today only, get this audio bestseller for a special price.Listen on your PC, Mac, smart phone, or tablet device.W? all kn?w wh?t m?dit?ti?n m??n?, but what ????ifi??ll? does mindfuln??? m?dit?ti?n im?l?? What is mindfulness ????rding t? d?finiti?n? Mindfulness m?dit?ti?n r?f?r? t? a mental ?t?t? th?t i? characterized b? a very ??lm ?w?r?n???. Th? ??r??n ?x??ri?n?ing mindfuln??? i? totally ?w?r? of hi? ?wn b?d? fun?ti?n?, feelings, ??n??i?u?n??? ?nd th? ??nt?nt of his ??n??i?u?n???. Learn with this audiobook to be ?w?r? of ?ll thi? h????ning within a ?ingl? mind. Download your copy today!Take action today and download this audiobook now at a special price!

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 46m 18s

Publicado por Author's Republic

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